Outdoor Signs

Plinth & Pole Signs

Plinth and pole signs are the ultimate freestanding sign that is guaranteed to get your business noticed. By placing this sign at the front edge of your boundary with graphics on both sides your business becomes instantly more visible to potential customers travelling up and down your road.

Billboard & Site Signs

Billboard signs are a great way to get your brand noticed on busy roads. Generally viewed as temporary the space is rented from the billboard company and a printed ‘skin’ is fitted and removed at the end of the term. These are a very cost effective way of producing a huge graphic useful for mostly a short term period. More and more of these are being replaced with electronic billboards as time goes by and costs of producing led screens comes down however they remain at present very good bang for buck for major outdoor advertising.  

Site signs are hard to miss on busy roads or outside construction projects your company is involved with. Flat rectangular shaped signs on AC panel tend to be the standard, however they do offer the opportunity for some creative freedom to do something more eye catching and memorable if desired.

Footpath Signs

Most commonly used by restaurants, cafes and retailers footpath signs are great for grabbing the attention of oncoming foot traffic. These signs are quite sturdy and can withstand most weather conditions whilst still being easily manouvered. We even have them with wheels if that helps your people to move them around easier. Standard sizes are 600w x 800 or 900 high. Custom made sizes are available in A board format but we advise talking to your town planner as to council requirements for your location around permitted sizing of these units.

Industrial Signs

Need your branding supersized, at height, or on difficult surfaces? Talk to Adrian to find a solution that will work for your particular application.


We are a preferred supplier for council parks and reserves signage for our area and are happy to extend our services to outside our local area where this is still cost effective. We provide full range of sign types including information boards with scratch free anti vandalism laminates and or glass fronts where required. We can produce original artwork and proofs although the final designs often are supplied via the council's communications people in which case we just do the manufacturing and printing side which is our specialty area.

Call us today about your sign needs 029 572 1777

Call us today about your sign needs
029 572 1777