Indoor Signs

Reception Signs

Reception and foyer signage are often the first point of contact that potential clients have with your business. Leave a lasting impression and capture the personality of your brand within seconds of walking through the door. Whether it’s sleek and professional or bold and creative, Adrian from Sign Shack can help deliver the wow-factor you are looking for.

Window Frosting

Perfect for making a room more private window frosting offers an easy solution for glass walled office spaces. Window frosting is also great subtle branding and lettering without jeopardizing natural lighting being enjoyed from the interior.

Pull-Up Banners

Pull-up banners are easy to set up, compactible and travel friendly signs that display your branding and message effortlessly and effectively. These types of signs are perfect for office spaces, spokespeople or public events, trade shows and festivals although very limited to inside applications as they are not stable in windy conditions due to their design. Available in 800mm and 1200mm by 2000mm as standard.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are great at attracting the attention of people walking by and are especially great form of in-store advertising sure to catch the eye of any shopper.

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Illuminated & Neon Signs

Ideal for retail, hospitality or corporate spaces LED Illuminated signs are a sophisticated yet stunning sign with an amazing halo effect sure to catch the attention of anyone who walks by them - day or night. Talk with us about how we can help create a custom LED sign fit for your space and brand style.

Neon signs were once the symbol of exciting prosperous city night life. Neon signs utilize glass tubing pumped with gas which glows brightly up when exposed to a high voltage electical current. Colours vary depending on tube colour or coating and the type of gas used. These are a particularly specialized product and there are very few people with the skills and equipment still alive or available to produce these amazing signs. LED has largely taken over the illuminated sign industry and yet there are still serious limitations in modern times around replicating the effect of an actual neon glass tube sign.  Speak to Adrian about creating a custom neon sign fit for your purpose as we have a direct line to Mark “The Man” Widmer, Neon Bender from hell! Together we will recreate the exciting vibe that only a neon sign can provide for your environment.

Printed Wall Graphics

Photos, and branding imagery for large walls interior or exterior. Printed wall graphics provide a great backdrop for a reception area or a feature wall with the potential for either a bold or subtle look depending on what you're after. You can provide the artwork or we can design for you with your direction. We have both textured and smooth fabrics available, all of which are easily cleaned with soapy water. Ask us about what could work for you.

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Call us today about your sign needs
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